5 Unique Yoga Studios In Louisville

Dated: 03/30/2014

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 WHY YOGA??It's more than just a muscle exercise...  It's a practice; it's a life style...
Yoga...literal meaning is..."to join" or "to unite"

8 Limbs of yoga...I only learned this after 16yrs of practicing yoga (guess I'm a slow learner (actually never heard a yoga teacher mention the 8 limbs)). Truly is the most important part. Well...personally for me!

1. Yama...Five facets on how to relate to the external world.
  • a) Ahimsa-Non-violence,
  • b) Satya-truth, absence of falsehood,
  • c) Asteya-non-stealing,
  • d) Brahmacharya-we use our sexual energy to regenerate our connection to our spiritual self. Not use this energy in any way that might harm others,
  • e) Aparigraha- non-possessiveness, non-hoarding
2. Niyama...Five facets on how we relate ourselves to the inner world,
  • a) Shaucha-purifies our bodies, thoughts and words,
  • b) Santosha-, satisfied with what one has
  • c) Tapas-self-discipline, mind and body
  • d) Svadhyaya self-study-know yourself,
  • e) Ishvarapranidhana-surrender-trust god
3. Asana...84 classic Body postures. “The practice”

4. Pranayama...Focusing on the breath
5. Pratyahara...Withdrawal of sense from their objects
6. Dharana...Chitta-to be conscious
7. Dhyana... a "deeper concentration of the mind"
8. Samadhi...concentration-the mind becomes still 
Types of Yoga;
-Hatha-gentle-slower paced
-Vinyasa-breath with synchronized movement
-Ashtanga- is a fast-paced, intense style
-Iyengar- Holding traditional poses over long period
s-Kundalini- Breath + movement
-Bikram Yoga-HotAnusara
- Modern school of Hatha started by John French western approach Here are some super studios around Louisville...
There are more, but these I have some knowledge about.

Five Unique Yoga Studios in Louisville
Yoga East-Yoga Style Traditional Ashtanga, Hatha-Vinyasa
This Studio is awesome, with a caring compassionate mission in Non-profit to help local schools and organizations at little or no cost all around Louisville and openhanded all over the world.
Three studios that offer a ton of classes and workshops- Yoga-Meditation-Chanting-Prenatal yoga; 
Orbis Yoga-Yoga Style Kripalu
Infinite Bliss-Yoga Style Anusara Unique approach to Hatha
Yoga on Baxter-Hot Yoga-They offer a class called candle light stretch...I've not taken it, sounds lovely!
Betsy's Hot Yoga Louisville-Oldest Hot Bikram studio in Louisville-If you like to sweat this warm studio is for you!
Why practice in a studio? Satsang....~Being in the company of the highest truth who inspire, encourage, and reflect your true nature. The company we keep can give us the courage, strength to be kind to others and ourselves. The seeds of compassion ripens in satsang~Where ever you are in yoga, I hope this helps you get to your next place...whatever that might be!

About the Author:
Debra Poth is with Keller Williams Realty Louisville East. As you can see in this post she is also an avid and devoted Yoga enthusiast. 
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