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Hello everyone,

As a new agent in the real estate field I can say that I have had a positive experience so far.  It's a lot of hard work, I usually work at least one to two hours every day with at least five days consisting of 7 to 9 hours.  You must be willing to follow up on all of your leads consistently.   You never know when your lead is ready to make a move so you need to be at the front of their mind.  For instance, I talked to a man about a condo 7 days ago and when I followed up with him today he told me he is in the process of buying a house with another realtor.

The hard part is determining how often you should contact your leads.  Each lead will be different they all have different timelines and goals.  Do your best to determine what those are upfront so you can best help them.  You will find that helping people find the right home is more rewarding than any paycheck you may receive.

So hang in there.

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